Fees and enrolment


The courses of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France are recognised vocational training courses. A course agreement is signed with training bodies.
 A course attestation is supplied at the end of each course (the module is recognised according to predefined skills scales that are validated by training organisations).
In order to attend the courses, you must be able to read and speak French, German or English.

Particularity of the courses:

One Meilleur Ouvrier de France teacher for three learners at the most.
Each student has an individual prototyping bench.
All the particularities of the trade are represented by a variety of tools.

Courses include:

  • teaching
  • use of all the professional equipment depending on the skills of learners
  • material for course exercises
  • monitoring and advice from teachers between each module
  • material for exercises between modules
  • factory tours
  • personal insurance


M1 : Measurements and design: 1872€ HT
M2 : Design and making of a acetate prototype: 3035,20€ HT
M3 : Making of a metal frame: 1546,60€ HT
M4 : Advanced skills in acetate/metal: 1546,60€ HT
M5 : Making of a frame in natural material: 1684,80€ HT
M6 : Use of numerically controlled machines: 1546,60€ HT
M7 : Setting up an eyeglass making workshop: 748,80€ HT
M9 : Alignment of frames with the discipline of industrial production : according to number of hours
M10 : Modification/Adaptation/Repairs in an optician's store: 1163,20€ HT
M11 : Decoration of acetate and metal treatment: standard module: 788,80€ HT
M12 : Decoration of acetate and metal treatment: advanced module: 1163,20€ HT
Fees do not include accommodation or meals

Accommodation and meals (optional):

Individual booking in Morez: Hôtel du Commerce (2 minutes from the school) or in neighbouring towns such as Les Rousses, La Mouille etc.
Lunch can be delivered for approximately € 11.

Download the complete registration form here.

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