Module 9 : Industrial alignment


Target public

Eyeglass maker wishing to work on an alignment station in industrial production.


Having very precise control over movements.

Purpose of the course

• Finishing course for aligning eyeglass frames,
• Verification of symmetry, alignment and surface condition.

Duration of the course

Module adaptable to the frames to align (acetate, metal, half-rim or rimless).

The module is divided into two parts:
• 4 hours for training in alignment techniques,
• 2 hours for the application of selected products.
The duration of the course may be adapted to each trainee according to their skills and technical practices.

Content of the course

Study of production issues on the products made by the company.

Teaching resources

• The teachers are Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers (Master Eyeglass Crafters), with no more than three learners per teacher,
• Eyeglass workshop, supply of materials for exercises,
• Tours and contact with the industry

Courses dates

Consult the training program

Course attestation

A document setting out the skills acquired is awarded to learners at the end of the course.

Place of training

L'école des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers
8 Rue de l'Industrie  39400 MOREZ   FRANCE

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